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A fishing trip is not working, is not tourism, is not simple sensations, you do not remember … A fishing trip is made of strong emotions, blinding sun, cold, heat, rain, wind, is made of hard, adrenaline, of satisfaction; all it surrounded by pristine nature and the most beautiful landscapes in the world.
A fishing trip is yours and you remain in your heart forever; the railroad, the clutch singing, reed that bends, jumping fish, escapes … catches … and sometimes defeats.
The fishing trip is something indescribable to those who have never done …. and a drug for those who have tried.
You can never describe to friends what you’ve tried it because the fishing trip is only yours.


Fishing … our passion!!The island of Maio offers really great spots for any discipline!! Just think of all the species that can be found in the ocean water washing this beautiful island! Fishing lovers can’t help but come and visit!! Big Game Maio is a thorough fishing Center offering its customers the opportunity to fish with all the most innovative techniques, both from the boat and from the beach.

From the boat

Jigging, Trolling, Bottom Fishing, Drifting And …
Since we are in the ocean, wanting the best for our customers, we have been considering the importance of the boat as a critical component for deep-sea fishing, so we opted for a beautiful 9 metres catamaran with Yamaha 150 HP engines 2
and the most modern sailing equipment.
We have all the best materials required to deal with all your favorite techniques for deep sea fishing: troll, vertical jigging, casting, bottom fishing, bottom depth, etc…
Together with our guides, we catch a lot of species through deep-sea fishing: Blue Marlin, Sailfish, tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Grouper, Amberjacks, Cubere, Trevallies, Scorpion fish,etc etc.
There is really something for everyone!

From the beach

Thanks to the best spot of the whole archipelago and the great experience of our guides we will go to undermine the predator at the top of the food chain of the seas, the Sharks !!
We are proud to communicate to all our friends and customers, thanks to the “SHARK TAGGING CAPE VERDE” project, we are the only fishing center in the archipelago Cape Verde, in order to carry out our fishing activities from the ground to the sharks, well as in the areas of total protection! E ‘was signed an agreement with the government of Cape Verde, which gives us this wonderful opportunity, because every shark caught will be tagged, it will be studied the DNA, it will be measured and of course released !! Study of go hand in hand Sharks and Fishing …
Specifically, just us and our customers, we will be able to fish all ‘inside of the north island of Maio Park in the Bay of Praia Real !!
We’ll be able to fish sharks as well during daytime, with many strikes and catches dream, otherwise unexpected !!
To fish these wonderful fish surfcasting is simply an Emotion Unica, which will leave indelible memories to all fans!
Of course not forgetting the Surfcasting “classic” where Carnieri dream will not wait.
Even for these disciplines have all the necessary materials.