A dream comes true … Arrived in the island of Maio almost by accident, following our passion, we encountered this beautiful little island, one of the last paradises in the world, where peace and calm reign sovereign, fishing becomes an adventure, an emotion … a privilege! Surrounded by huge and beautiful deserted beaches, surreal landscapes characterized by crystal-clear water rich in fish, we decided to stop, undertake and share our new adventure!


Hotel Ristorante 'Big Game Maio' Capo Verde Hotel Ristorante 'Big Game Maio' Capo Verde



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How to reach us

Links/Vila do Maio (Island of Maio) –  Praia (Isla de Santiago)

To reach us from anywhere in the world arrive, since there are no direct flights, you have to go from Praia (Cape Verde’s capital located in the nearby island of Santiago), hence in 5 minutes by domestic flight whit BINTERCV Praia-Maio will get you to your destination,where you will find our courteous staff to welcome you to … Also available ourcatamaran to engines (complying with all appropriate licenses) to do this.

Info on Maio

It is a charming island and, although it is small, there is a lot to be discovered yet!
Unfortunately, progress is wiping out “the last Paradises” but, for an arcane mysterious miracle, progress has not yet arrived at Maio, thus you can still enjoy the true sensation of freedom, which is now denied almost everywhere else.
The beaches are washed by the Atlantic Ocean and their wild appearance makes them some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole archipelago.
In addition, Maio is renowned for its many protected animal species:
-whales coming to the coast;
-many turtles coming to lay eggs;
-dozens of seabirds species that find shelter in the still unspoiled beaches.



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Big Game Maio

Avenida A. Cabral
6110 Porto Inglês Ilha do Maio – Cabo Verde
Tel. +238 9710593

Where we are

Big Game Maio is located in the Centre of VILA DO MAIO, the main country in the island of Maio, in the Cape Verde archipelago.
Here, progress has not yet arrived as in other islands belonging to the archipelago. There are no resorts or direct flights. Only in this paradise, you can admire and enjoy things of other times …
If you want to enjoy a holiday away from crowded places and exploited by mass tourism, Maio is the right place for you.

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