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Hotel & Restaurant Big Game Maio

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103 square miles of adventure on a pristine island. Maio!

The Big Game Maio Hotel & Restaurant is located in Maio, an island of Cape Verde, belonging to the Sotavento group.


The Big Game Maio is located in the centre of  VILA DO MAIO, the main town on the island of Maio in the Capoverde archipelago.
Here the progress has not yet arrived as in other islands of the archipelago, there are no tourist villages or direct flights,
only in this paradise can you admire and breathe things of yesteryear…
If you want to experience a holiday away from crowded places and exploited by mass tourism, Maio is for you.

Hotel & Restaurant

The hotel-restaurant Big Game Maio is located on the main street of  Vila di Maio. In a cozy and relaxing atmosphere with exclusive dishes of international and local cuisine you can enjoy a holiday in Maio in the heart of its most authentic atmosphere.


With our expert guides it is possible to make excursions both by off-road and quad.

You can visit the characteristic villages of the island, the salt pans and all the beaches where it is possible to arrive only with our quad or off-road vehicles.

The quad bike is the ideal way to reach the beaches and corners of paradise never seen or walked on before!

Fishing Center

Fishing… our Passion!!!! The Island of Maio offers really great spots for any discipline!!! Just think of all the species that we can find in the ocean waters that bathe this beautiful island! Those who love fishing can’t help but visit us!!! The Big Game Maio is a 360° fishing center, offering its customers the opportunity to fish with all the most innovative techniques from the boat.
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Hotel e Restaurant
Hotel e ristorante Big Game Maio
The Hotel overlooks the sea which is just a few steps away, the Restaurant offers a natural and homemade cuisine made up of local products and the heart of Italian cuisine combines to offer you simple, natural and tasty dishes.
At the end of a day of sea and adventure you can rest in the comfortable rooms of the hotel.
escursioni quad a Maio
About 7 hours is the time needed to complete the entire tour of the island of Maio, which covers about 270 square kilometers. Much more time is needed to visit the whole island, the interior, the volcanic cliffs, the beaches and the city center. You can practice different activities such as trekking or water sports.
Fishing Center
Pesca agli squali a Maio C&R
Maio is one of the places in the world where there is the largest marine biodiversity, the ocean currents and the particular position of the islands of Cape Verde make the sea a still wild place where there are large pelagics and carangidae. The Big Game Maio Fishing Centre will make you experience unique emotions and visions.

Big Game Maio Hotel & Restaurant

The Big Game Maio is located on the island of Maio, 269 square kilometers of pristine paradise! The island of Maio is one of the islands of the Cape Verde archipelago, the one that has suffered the least from the influx of tourists. A destination for nature lovers, excursions and fishing are among the activities that can be practiced on the island.

Hotel and Restaurant

The hotel-restaurant Big Game is located on the main street of Vila di Maio, the smalland charming capital of the island within walking distance from the beach and close to all main services. Big Game gives you the opportunity of a holiday in Cape Verde in the heart of the most authentic atmosphere, the ideal trip for those seeking contact with nature in pristine places where to find relaxation and sports fishing .

Our team has always collaborated with the nearby fishing community in Maio accomplishing a perfect destination for the responsible traveler, who is welcomed by the local staffwith dazzling smiles, before being escorted to the rooms .

So today in the heart of the island of Maio, you will have the opportunity to discoveruntouched landscapes, walk on beautiful white sand beaches and diving in the crystal clear water of the ocean, away from the crowded tourist mass destinations

The Big Game is therefore the ideal place for a vacation to discover picturesque places where simplicity is luxury, nature is style and the silence is broken only by the sound of the wind or the sound of the sea .

Tours and Rental

Tours and rentals

The island of Maio must be lived and admired .
For this reason, the Big Game Maio is pleased to offer its customers a service of guided excursions and quad rental .

With the help of our skillful guide, you can hike, take a quad or a 4WD .
You can visit the typical villages in the island, the salt works, and all the beaches that can be reached only by quad or 4WD .
The quad is the ideal means to reach the beaches and corners of paradise never seen or trampled before!

For hiking and rentals, you can get customized packages.

Fishing Center

Fishing center

Fishing … our passion!!The island of Maio offers really great spots for any discipline!! Just think of all the species that can be found in the ocean water washing this beautiful island! Fishing lovers can’t help but come and visit!! Big Game Maio is a thorough fishing Center offering its customers the opportunity to fish with all the most innovative techniques, both from the boat and from the beach.

From the boat

Jigging, Trolling, Bottom Fishing, Drifting And …
Since we are in the ocean, wanting the best for our customers, we have been considering the importance of the boat as a critical component for deep-sea fishing, so we opted for a beautiful 9 metres catamaran with Yamaha 150 HP engines 2
and the most modern sailing equipment.
We have all the best materials required to deal with all your favorite techniques for deep sea fishing: troll, vertical jigging, casting, bottom fishing, bottom depth, etc…
Together with our guides, we catch a lot of species through deep-sea fishing: Blue Marlin, Sailfish, tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Grouper, Amberjacks, Cubere, Trevallies, Scorpion fish,etc etc.
There is really something for everyone!

Holiday offers

No Stress


No Stress Package

7 Nights at our Hotel Big Game Maio with Half Board treatment!

Couple Package 280 euro per person
Including breakfasts and dinners
Maio airport transfer
Flights not included

To the Discovery of Maio


Package “Discovering the Island of Maio”

1 Off-road tour of the island accompanied by our Guide
4 Days on a Quad Bike to visit the Island in total freedom

7 Nights at our Hotel Big Game Maio with Half Board treatment!

Couple Package 410 euro per person
Including breakfasts and dinners
Maio airport transfer
Flights not included

Boat fishing week


Boat Fishing Week” Package

5 sessions of Boat Fishing (all the possible and desired techniques according to the


7 Nights at our Hotel Big Game Maio with Half Board treatment!

Package 2 Fishermen 1655 euro per Fisherman
Package 3 Fishermen 1230 euro per Fisherman
Package 4 Fishermen 970 euro per Fisherman

Including breakfasts and dinners
Maio airport transfer

Sandwiches and Water in fishing sessions , Equipment , Guides , Bait, etc.

Flights not included

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If you’re thinking of coming to Maio, write us for more information.

We can help you plan your vacation on the island of Maio.

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The sense of a holiday on the island of Maio

Escape from the routine and chaos of the city to find yourself in a place where nature offers wonderful views allowing you to relax.

A sense of hospitality

Every guest for us at Big Game Maio is a valuable friend.

Full support

The Big Game Maio offers you complete support to organize your holiday, flights and transfers can be scheduled to allow you to reach us comfortably.

Excellent food and local specialities

The Big Game Maio Restaurant without abandoning the typical Italian cuisine, but also in the name of local cuisine we have created menus based on fish and local meat, an Italian-Capoverdian cuisine, where there is no lack of homemade pappardelle or roast kid.


The rooms of the Hotel Big Game Maio are bright, equipped with air conditioning and every detail, furnishings, colors and paintings, was created to ensure true relaxation and maximum privacy.

Excursions, in contact with nature

The island of Maio enjoys a special position that has favoured both terrestrial and marine vegetation and fauna.
Destination of very rare migratory birds and where the encounter with large cetaceans is not rare.
Excursions to the island are organized by Big Game Maio also at the request of guests.

Fishing Center

For those who love sport fishing The Big Game Maio offers unforgettable experiences and breathtaking catches both from the boat and from land.
Equipped boats with trained crews will take you fishing for the prey of your dreams.
Dream fish and breathtaking fights.

Centro Pesca Big Game Maio

Come and live an unforgettable fishing experience in Maio!


No special vaccinations are required to come on holiday in Maio.
We recommend a minimum stay of one week to enjoy all the beauties of Maio.

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